About Pardee

I'm Mr. Bill Murphy and I welcome you to Pardee Elementary. Pardee is "first" in many areas of District No.7's history. It was the first elementary building in the district to be built. It was the first elementary to be renovated and now has a state-of-the-art library and media center. Pardee was first to deploy the Accelerated Reader Program and now has these vibrant AR activities in each grade to promote reading skills. Pardee was the first elementary in the district to win the prestigious Golden Apple Award from the State of Michigan. Although Pardee has won it again since, now other District elementaries have been awarded this prize.

The staff at Pardee Elementary work to create an environment that promotes creativity and academic achievement. Our brightly painted hallways and classrooms are filled with outstanding teachers and quality instructional materials. I invite you to come and see what Pardee has to offer.